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Creating best-in-class brands is what we’re about

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Today over 180 Game Loungers create benefit-driven products and websites that empower and deliver value to visitors and our partners, all over the world.

Whether we’re working on a project, competing in The Grid, or getting to know each other over Friday beers, we’re passionate about where we’ve come from and what we do.

Just some of the things we do

  • SEO Driven Content Marketing
    SEO-Driven Content Marketing

    We create content that online casino players want to read, interact with, watch, share, and come back to. We keep up-to-date with trends to ensure we’re always current.

  • Unique Products & Tools
    Unique Products & Tools

    We build customer-focused tools that enhance casino players’ gaming experience. Be it Pick Street or our various tools, all our products provide undisputable value to our users and partners.

  • Brand Exposure
    Brand Exposure

    We position our partners’ brands across traditional and niche top lists, programmatic display ads, various CRM efforts, social media, and more with our users and partners’ goals at the forefront.

  • Valuable Leads
    Valuable Leads

    Our insightful content informs and empowers leads to choose the right brand for them. With our ever-expanding guides, practical tools, and more, users are led to casino brands they’ll enjoy in a meaningful way.

  • Activation & Reactivation
    Activation & Reactivation

    We keep new and existing customers engaged with casino brands through various content pieces, infographics, videos, and guides that keep casinos top-of-mind beyond unappealing sales tactics and only offering bonuses.

  • Data Insights & Analytics
    Data Insights & Analytics

    The ways in which we provide long-term value to our users and partners is supported by data whether it’s obtained through insights from our own websites, market research, UX research and A/B testing and dashboards.

Our amazing brands

See our latest job openings

Below you’re able to view our latest job openings in any one of our 10+ teams. Start your Game Lounge journey today by browsing the list to find the role and duties that suit you best.

  • ever evolving
  • forward thinking
  • one collective
  • growth mindset

Our locations

Malta and Spain are our home bases but Game Loungers work from all around the world.

  • "No matter where in the world you work from, you always feel part of the Game Lounge family."
    Przemyslaw (Przemek) Gawlowski
    PHP Developer
  • "Hybrid working gave me a better work-life balance, with reduced stress, less commuting and more time for other activities with my young kids. As a parent, it helps me integrate these kinds of activities into my routine. More time for things that matter most, which makes me happier and more refreshed at work."
    Eartha Joan Saliba
    Senior Data Translator
  • "I appreciate that Game Lounge offers flexibility of work because it allows me to balance my personal and professional priorities, which leads to better time management and increased work efficiency. Working from home gives me the space I need to think critically and perform better, but still stay responsive to emails and communicate frequently with my teammates. I am thrilled with the prospect of working for a company I admire, without being limited by my geographical location."
    Judyta Fernandez
    Site Manager Poland
  • "From day one, Game Lounge has been extremely flexible and helpful when it comes to personal preferences on remote or hybrid working. All equipment was ready on the spot and the company helped me to equip my at-home work station in no time. The management clearly understands the importance of flexibility employees are looking for these days and are doing their best to meet their needs. The office itself is a great place with an amazing vibe and thus brings a great balance to the whole package."
    Tomas Jira
    Head of Affiliates US

What’s happening

There’s always something going on at Game Lounge. Get the latest on what Game Loungers are up to right here. 

Game Lounge

Machine Learning at Game Lounge 

Game Lounge hosted a two-day workshop in St. Julian’s, Malta, led by CTO Keith Cassar. The event focused on leveraging AI and ML for content generation, odds prediction, user intent prediction, and marketing strategies to drive innovation and efficiency in the company.
June 18, 2024 | 4 min read
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