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Vision Statement

Become global leaders in empowering our users to connect with iGaming brands through reliable, innovative and ambitious products.

Mission Statement

Build best-in-class iGaming products that offer unique, useful content to our users and provide sustainable value to our partners.

At Game Lounge, we’re dedicated to empowering game loungers to “level up. leap forward.”

We champion an ever-evolving environment that values adaptability, forward-thinking, and a unified team spirit. By embracing a commitment to continuous learning, we ensure that each of us grows personally and accelerates professionally. Together, we harness our collective strengths to achieve extraordinary results and advance the iGaming industry.

We are…

  • Ever evolving

    We leverage data-driven strategies to adapt swiftly and stay ahead in a dynamic industry.

  • Forward thinking

    We actively pursue pioneering solutions and hold ourselves accountable for decisions that drive our performance.

  • One collective

    We value talent, energy and individual effort, but when we come together, we all win.

  • Growth mindset

    We believe that growth, productivity, and excellence stem from a ‘Life-long learning’ mindset.

From an ambitious vision to building hundreds of great websites

Game Lounge started with a vision to transform affiliate marketing for the iGaming sector in the Nordics and beyond. Bold, but time has shown that was only the beginning of our story.

  • 2024 – June
    Game Lounge Rolls Out 4-Day Summer Work Week

    As a leading affiliate, Game Lounge is stepping up for its team with a new 4-day work week at full pay for July and August! This exciting trial is all about boosting employee well-being and work-life balance.

  • 2024 – February
    Game Lounge appoints Richard Dennys as CEO

    Game Lounge is set for an exciting phase of innovation and growth under the leadership of Richard Dennys. This next chapter in Game Lounge’s evolution holds the potential for outstanding achievements, ensuring its ongoing prominence in both the affiliate and gaming sectors.

  • 2023 – September
    Pick Street is launched

    Game Lounge launches its first sports product Pick Street, an unbiased, sports prediction product based on AI, machine learning, mathematics, and lots of data. It combines in-game statistics with recent and seasonal performance bias to generate sports predictions that are not affected by human error or bias.

  • 2023 – September
    Game Lounge relaunches as editorial site relaunched in magazine-style, helping those interested in getting into sports betting find the perfect Sportsbook for their needs. The aim of the new site is to empower the sports bettor with knowledge of which team or sports person to bet on, how to bet on them, and at which betting site they should place those bets.

  • 2023 – June
    Game Loungers meet in Greece

    Over 200 Game Loungers from over 40 nationalities were invited to an organised meet-up in Halkidiki, Greece providing an opportunity for all, from first hires to new joiners, to embrace and unite with the culture that has allowed Game Lounge to bloom to what it is today

  • 2023 – April
    Game Lounge appoints Chief Data & Analytics Officer

    Keith Cassar recently became Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) at Marketzoo and its subsidiary Game Lounge

  • 2023 – January
    Game Lounge rebrands flagship Japanese affiliate site to JAPACASI

    Game Lounge has rebranded its main online Japanese casino website to offer a more localised product to its audience in Japan and stay ahead of the competition

  • 2022 – October
    Game Lounge Highlights Progress at Inaugural Data-Led Conference

    At Game Lounge’s first-ever Data-Led Conference, teams from across the company detailed their progress using a data-led approach to improve efficiency

  • 2022 – August
    Game Lounge unveils new company brand

    Game Lounge strengthens its brand with a bold look to support it strong mission and vision

  • 2022 – April
    Game Lounge wins 'Employer of Choice' Award

    Game Lounge awarded ‘Employer of Choice’ Award for 2022 during BLM’s HR Spring Event

  • 2022 – February
    Game Lounge appoints Chief Strategy Officer

    Ionut Constantinescu recently became Chief Strategy Officer responsible for the overall performance of the company’s casino affiliate sites

  • 2022 – January
    Game Lounge confirms new approach to work

    Game Lounge confirms that the future of work will remain hybrid and flexible with the option to work remotely

  • 2021 – December
    Game Lounge Malta restructures

    The company restructures and appoints a new CSO to strengthen its position

  • 2021 – October
    Game Lounge wins ‘Employer of the Year’ Award

    Game Lounge named ‘Employer of the Year’ at iGaming Idol 2022

  • 2021 – September
    Game Lounge Sweden AB rebrands to MarketZoo

    The holding company Game Lounge Sweden AB rebrands to MarketZoo

  • 2021 – June
    Game Lounge celebrates 10 years

    10 years of Game Lounge is celebrated at the Merkanti Pool at the Hilton Hotel with special-edition anniversary company swag

  • 2020 – December
    Game Lounge plans for the future of work

    Game Lounge has started internal discussions about what the future of work will look like

  • 2020 – August
    Game Loungers remain connected & supported

    The Vibe Team keep employees connected during the pandemic through remote work support, various home benefits, and virtual events

  • 2020 – June
    BettingMetrics rebrands to

    BettingMetrics rebrands to following the acquisition of this premium domain

  • 2020 – May
    Game Lounge founders buy back shares

    Jonas Cederholm and Fredrik Langeland buy back shares in Game Lounge

  • 2020 – January
    Game Lounge acquires BettingMetrics

    Game Lounge acquires BettingMetrics to expand into sports betting markets

  • 2019 – November
    Game Lounge wins ‘Best Affiliate Award’

    Game Lounge wins ‘Best Affiliate Award’ at the Videoslots Awards 2019

  • 2019 – October
    Game Lounge sets up an office in Bulgaria

    Game Lounge BG EOOD in Bulgaria is incorporated

  • 2019 – April
    Game Lounge opens office in Spain

    Game Lounge Entertainment S.L. in Spain is incorporated

  • 2019 – April
    Game Lounge acquires American Casino Guide

    Game Lounge acquires American Casino Guide to enter the growing North American market

  • 2019 – March
    Game Loungers meet in Cancun

    Game Lounge awards Game Loungers with a team bonding trip to Cancun to celebrate milestones and promote employee appreciation

  • 2019 – January
    Cherry AB group delisted from Nasdaq Stockholm

    The Cherry AB group is delisted from the Nasdaq Stockholm and became privately owned

  • 2019 – January
    Cherry AB shares are acquired

    EE Intressenter Bidco AB, a consortium which is comprised of the private equity firm Bridgepoint Advisers, and a number of Cherry AB shareholders acquired Cherry AB’s shares

  • 2018 – December
    Cherry AB fully owns Game Lounge Sweden AB

    By the end of 2018, Cherry AB fully owned Game Lounge Sweden AB

  • 2018 – September
    Game Lounge Sweden AB incorporated

    Game Lounge Sweden AB is incorporated with the aim of expanding the group internationally and took 100% ownership of Game Lounge Limited

  • 2018 – May
    Game Lounge wins ‘Chairman’s Gaming Value of the Year’

    Game Lounge wins ‘Chairman’s Gaming Value of the Year’ at MiGEA 2018

  • 2018 – April
    Game Lounge acquires TodaysWeb

    Game Lounge acquires SEO agency TodaysWeb, an international company that specialises in SEO

  • 2018 – January
    Game Lounge acquires Slot Tracker

    Game Lounge acquires Slot Tracker, a community-driven, real-time slot tracking tool

  • 2016 – November
    Game Lounge wins ‘Affiliate of the Year’

    Game Lounge awarded ‘Affiliate of the Year’ at the SiGMA 2016 Summit

  • 2015 – January
    Cherry AB PLC acquires 51% shares

    Cherry AB PLC acquires 51% of the shares in Game Lounge Limited

  • 2012 – December
    SveaCasino goes live

    SveaCasino, our flagship casino comparison site for Swedish players, is launched

  • 2011 – June
    Game Lounge is founded

    Game Lounge Limited is founded by Jonas Cederholm and Fredrick Langeland

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Meet the founders

Jonas Cederholm and Fredrik Langeland are the backbone of Game Lounge’s 10+ years in the industry. They founded the company back in 2011, and continue to shape its success today.

Jonas Cederholm

Jonas has more than 15 years of experience in the online gaming industry and affiliation.

Fredrik Langeland
Fredrik Langeland
Chief Revenue Officer

Fredrik and his team are key in developing and maintaining strong relationships with our partners.

Some people you’ll meet at Game Lounge

Yiannis Mercouris
Head of Team Eastern Europe
Agustin Perez-Vernet
Head of Southern Europe
Yamil Fernandez
Head of Team LATAM
Frank Christ
Head of Team Austria/Belgium
Anna-Sofia Pehrson
Head of Team Sweden
Steffen Jainta
Head of Digital PR & Outreach
Keith Denis Geary
Interim Director of Casino
Pawel Kozakiewicz
Head of SEO
David Crowhurst
Director of SaaS Products
Victor Lerenius
VP of Innovation
Rosi Bremec
Chief Operations Officer
Richard Dennys
Chief Executive Officer
Taylor Mason
Head of Team North America
Carlo Lamanna Chapelle
Head of Team Casino Labs
Victoria Buttigieg
Head of Content Strategy
Radoslav Angelov
Head of Sales Optimisation
Michele Schembri
Director of Product Operations
Rika Munemasa
Head of Team Asia
Natalia Szyszka
Head of Team Poland
Ian Wright
Head of Internal Group Products
Marie Aurelie Trioka Rigodin
Head of Partnerships
Charlene Vella Portelli
Head of Vibe & Employer Branding
Maria Sayapina
Director of Casino
Emil Breitkreuz
Director of Sales Optimisation
Eduardo Eznarriaga
Head of Video
Shaun Vidal
Director of Finance
Jon Vella
Head of Corporate IT
Henriette Calleja Gafa'
Director of HR
Maria De Martino
Head of Legal
Jason Attard
Head of UX and Design
Keith Cassar
Chief Technology Officer
Niki Zahra
Chief Financial Officer
Gerrit Gruesgen
Head of Development