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Game Lounge, Employer of the Year iGaming Idol 2021

Our prestigious win is close to our hearts because it’s based on our employees’ thoughts and feelings towards our work environment and culture, training opportunities, and the priority we give to Game Loungers’ well-being, and so on. What we do matters, but it’s who we do it with that matters most.

Game Lounge iGaming Idol Employer Of The Year 2022

Why You Should Become a Game Lounger

Countless career progression opportunities

Around 22% of Game Loungers progressed to the next stage in their career in 2022. We believe in motivating, training, and giving autonomy to everyone so they can focus on developing their skills and doing something they’re passionate about every day.

Hybrid-flexible and remote working

We offer hybrid-flexible, remote work to all. Teams and their managers are able to decide how often they come into the office (if at all) as long as their role allows it and they’re available during core hours. We also hire fully remote if that suits you best.

  • "It’s been about three and a half years working at Game Lounge now, and I have seen myself transform as a professional in more than one way. To be part of a company that believes in its employees, and offers countless opportunities to grow is definitely a very enriching experience in my life."
    Carine Casarin
    Content Operations Manager
  • "I started out as a content writer at Game Lounge in 2018. Having expressed interest in SEO, I was offered the opportunity to train and refine my skills in the area. Now, three years later, I’m managing a growing SEO team myself."
    Victor Artufel
    Senior SEO Manager
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  • "At Game Lounge, employees really matter. The company provides perks and a great work-life balance. Game Lounge appreciates its employees by rewarding and promoting them based on their effort. I had the opportunity to start as an accountant and progress to Head of Finance, leading a team of amazing professionals."
    Shaun Vidal
    Head of FP&A

Our all-round benefits package

Looking out for Game Loungers means providing them with perks that make their time at (and outside of) work effortless and enjoyable. Our benefits make sure our values are felt, no matter where our people are based.

  • Your career at Game Lounge
    Your career at Game Lounge

    From day 1, you’re provided with all the equipment and resources you need to perform your role. You’ll have regular 121s, various training opportunities, and an annual performance bonus. You can also (almost) wear whatever you like to the office and get a bonus for referring-a-friend.

  • At the office
    At the office

    Popping into the office is hassle-free with on-site parking and various collaborative meeting rooms and quiet workspaces to suit that day’s tasks. Fresh fruit, snacks, and drinks are always at hand and there are indoor and outdoor lounge areas for when you need to take 5.

  • Working from home
    Working from home

    We’ll help you get your home office set up with any equipment you might need, delivered straight to your door. If you choose to work from home more often than not, you’ll still feel connected to your fellow Game Loungers through frequent online events.

  • Taking care of yourself
    Taking care of yourself

    We put Game Loungers first by providing comprehensive health insurance coverage, a nonrestrictive wellness allowance, frequent discounts from restaurants nearby, flexible public holidays, birthday leave, and a special Spin and Win gift to commemorate your work anniversary.

  • Socialising with other Game Loungers
    Socialising with others

    We connect with one another through weekly afterworks, themed-events and quizzes, multiple team building events per year, CSR initiatives, participation in activities such as The Grid, Slam Tilt and more, and the much anticipated summer and winter parties.

  • "Game Lounge is a well-being leprechaun that keeps on giving. The monthly benefits and surprise packages delivered from time to time are highly appreciated by the entire workforce! ?"
    Robert Cassar Pace
    Senior Data Architect
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  • "Working at Game Lounge is a great experience all-round. Their varied benefits package promotes growth within the company, allows me the flexibility to work from home comfortably, and supplements my lifestyle."
    Michele Schembri
    Director of Product Operations
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  • "“Choose a Job You Love, and You Will Never Have to Work a Day in Your Life” When it comes to taking care of their employees, Game Lounge really knows how to. From having your birthdays off to a great health insurance, they are always looking after us."
    Charlene Marie Andersson
    Sales Manager

Move to Malta with our relocation package

If you’re looking to be closer to any one of our homebases, we’re here to do our utmost to make your move as straightforward as possible. When you relocate with us, you’ll be supported with whatever is necessary such as flights, accommodation, VISA applications, and more. Your start at Game Lounge is about embracing your new role – we’ll help with the rest.

  • "Game Lounge was extremely helpful with my relocation. Not only did they help me financially but they also gave me a lot of information about where and how to settle on the island."
    Eduardo Eznarriaga
    Head of Video

What to expect from the hiring process

We’re looking to get to know you during interviews – what you’re like, what makes you light up, and what motivates you. Take a look around to see what we’re all about and what Game Loungers have to say about working with us. Ahead of your interview, do your research, keep the job description top-of-mind, and be ready to talk about your accomplishments that make you the right fit. And bring questions – we prefer a two-way conversation. 

In general, our recruitment process looks like this:

  • Review your application

    HR and the hiring manager review your application and send you an invite for the first interview.

  • 1st interview

    You’ll be able to tell us about you, your skills, and why you’d like this role. We’ll share some need-to-know info about Game Lounge.

  • At-home task

    You’ll be sent an at-home task to complete over a few days.

  • 2nd interview

    You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your task and ask any pending questions.

  • Job offer

    You’ll receive a call from HR with the job offer. If you accept, you’ll receive the contract and other details via email.

  • Welcome to Game Lounge

    You’re officially a Game Lounger now. Your first day will kick off your onboarding to the role and in the team.

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  • "Game Lounge provides a pleasant and seamless interview experience. They made me feel comfortable and offered me clear, honest, and consistent communication. They set realistic expectations for the job and work environment and they treated me with respect at all stages ☀"
    Alessia Trotto
    Events & Vibe Coordinator
  • "One would think that the hiring process would be overwhelming and nerve-wracking. My experience with Game Lounge was anything but. The team made me feel safe and at ease in the environment!"
    Kayleigh Cassar
    Content Manager Team Canada
  • "I can describe my hiring process as one full of good feelings and for me personally, it was also a sign of self-improvement. The HR team made me feel comfortable, I felt that was in an open conversation, where I could easily express my experiences in my own way and show my abilities. I can say since the first day in Game Lounge I have grown personally and professionally, the company promotes a good atmosphere and teamwork as a way of our evolution and I like to believe I’ve contributed to it as well."
    Anacaona Florentino
    Content Manager LATAM 1
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  • forward thinking
  • one collective
  • growth mindset