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Our Vibe

About our team

We strive to create
a positive experience
for all Game Loungers.

We’re a team of proactive and energetic people dedicated to creating the best experience at Game Lounge. Whether at the office, at home, on a business trip, or attending one of our highly-anticipated events, we make sure Game Loungers are content, comfortable and connected.

This includes handling admin tasks, managing the office, equipping Game Loungers with what’s necessary to work from home, and organising virtual and in-person events. In 2022, we’ve also become responsible for developing and safeguarding the company’s brand identity. Maintaining the Game Lounge culture is not our job, it’s our passion.

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    The greatest asset of a company is its people.

    Charlene Vella Portelli,
    Head of Vibe & Employer branding
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Employer Branding

With over 10 years’ under its belt, adapting, safeguarding and communicating the Game Lounge brand is essential. In recent months, this has involved revamping the company identity and website alongside Creative, Development and Content Teams. We’re connecting all the dots within the company and to share these externally through the website, social media channels and PR. Ultimately, we’re doing this to continuously improve potential and current Game Loungers’ experience with us.

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There’s always an upcoming event planned on the Game Lounge calendar. Be it a quarterly event, an office celebration or weekly Beer Fridays in Malta – we just love having something great to look forward to. And, of course, there’s always high-quality merch to commemorate the big events.

We also host the occasional company-wide virtual event to connect with our fellow Game Loungers who work remotely or are based in the Marbella office. Aside from social events, we also organise socially responsible activities to lend a helping hand to the community and environment.

‘We like to read between the lines with curiosity and energy. We tend to see life like a big puzzle where everything is connected. We crave creativity and freedom. We don’t want our employees to get trapped in a boring work environment!”

Alessia Trotto,
Events & Vibe Coordinator
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Office Admin

When you do come into the Malta office, you’ll be greeted by a smile at our front desk. Office admin is key to supporting the Vibe and HR teams by helping new hires, handling all administrative tasks, and sending monthly supermarket vouchers to all Malta-based employees. And we don’t stop there – we’re always looking for new ways to improve Game Lounger’s overall experience.

“Being at Game Lounge always puts me in a better mood. I am lucky to be in such a great team, where not only you feel appreciated but also encouraged to be better!”

Phyllisianne Portelli,
Office Vibe Coordinator
Team Page_Vibe_Corporate travel

Office, Home Offices & Corporate Travel

Our flexible-hybrid approach to work means that Game Loungers pop in and out of the office and travel a fair bit throughout the year. It’s because of this that we dedicate time and resources to ensure that the office is in top shape through regular maintenance and improvements. On top of that, we make sure that each employee has the required equipment at home and takes care of all travel arrangements for Malta-based employees.

Marbella Office

We have a location in the beautiful Spanish city of Marbella here at Game Lounge. Despite being far smaller than its Maltese equivalent, the organization remains committed to its key ideals. Even while working entirely remotely, the employees make their way to the workplace due to its cheerful atmosphere.

Office Housekeeping

Creating a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere at the office is essential. We currently have two housemothers who ensure that our kitchenettes are fully stocked and that our space is not only clean but constantly sanitised, so that all fellow Game Loungers work in a clean and safe environment.

“The joy of the work is when the people around you are happy.”

Liora Kuseta,
House Mother