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Game Lounge Cares, Powering Positive Change Across Communities

Game Lounge Cares is the charitable charm of the company. Read how it’s leveling up community engagement through impactful initiatives.

Game Lounge Cares, a division of Game Lounge curated by the Vibe Team, has been actively involved in various events and initiatives over the past two years, all aimed at contributing to meaningful causes and fostering a spirit of compassion and generosity within the community. These endeavors have actively brought together employees, partners, and local charities to positively impact society, and the environment.

To date, Game Lounge Cares has organised a diverse array of initiatives. These have included clean-up activities at Għar Lapsi in collaboration with 7R Lifestyle Malta, donations to Polska Akcja Humanitarna aiding those affected by the war in Ukraine, cooking events honoring frontline workers during covid times, office events such as Bingo with donations to the Pink October Breast Cancer awareness organisation and the MSPCA, charity clothes donations to entities such as HAPPY PAWS Charity Shop and Inspire Foundation. We partnered with Coast is Clear Foundation and organised tree planting in Pembroke, and participated in sports events held for charitable purposes organized by IFR. During the festive event of 2023, Game Loungers collected funds, which the company then matched, and donated the total sum to Puttinu Cares.

Game Lounge Cares was founded with a strong sense of empathy for the environment, society, and people’s needs. The organisation remains committed to driving social progress, creating positive change, and building a better world for those in need. These events provide opportunities for individuals to contribute to meaningful causes, make a significant impact, and create positive change in society. They also foster a spirit of compassion, generosity, and community involvement.

Each event typically sees a large turnout, with over 50 people in attendance. What’s more, participants have reported feeling happier and more fulfilled after engaging in these Good Cause events.

Just last month, Game Lounge partnered with Waggos, an organization dedicated to rescuing and finding loving homes for animals in need. Waggos entertained us #gameloungers with a cool-down session with dogs, making for a relaxing and joyful conclusion to our 2024 sports day.

💜 Game Lounge Cares continues to strive for collaboration, innovation, and social progress in driving meaningful change in the world around us 💜