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Game Lounge Wellness Week

Every year in October, during "Wellness Week," Game Lounge surprises the workers with a week of delights. Read more here!

Every year in October, during “Wellness Week,” we like to show our employees how much we appreciate them by giving them gifts and setting up some less common activities for them to do.

“Wellness Week” aims to teach young people how to take charge of their own emotional and mental health and well-being.

To kick off the healthy week, we provided each employee with a Dr Juice voucher to indulge in delicious and nutritious smoothies, juices, and snacks.

We decided to start the second wellness day with a coffee tasting since we wanted to do something that none of the staff had done before. The employees were allowed to participate in a “sensory analysis” session. This was both an introduction to coffee and a comprehensive training exercise for the senses that looked at the molecular underpinnings of taste and scent. Both of these things were covered during this activity.

Rolling into the third day of our health week, each employee was invited to participate in a Life Coach Session. While here, we learned what we needed to know to start new, good habits and keep moving steadily toward our individual goals.

At the end of the training for life coaches, we gave each employee their own goodie bag. The present of luxuriously perfumed skin care products that we gave to our team today was a huge hit, and it’s just one of the many ways that we try to show our thanks for all of their hard work.

Closing into the end of the week, we kicked off with a Ted Talk titled “The Habit of Happiness.” In TED Talk, Buddhist monk Mathieu Ricard highlighted happiness as a habit and the struggles people go through to find it outside of themselves before realising it’s already inside of them.

Following a week of wellness-focused events, we celebrated with a round of beers from Popp, a carefully chosen store in Gzira, Malta, stocking craft beer, cider, specialty spirits, wine, and art. Throughout the tasting, we sampled nine distinct brews and learned about the process behind their creation and what sets them unique from mass-produced brews.

Our staff felt rejuvenated and refreshed after a week of health and relaxation. Increasing our mental capacity!