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Investing in Our Employee’s Mental Health Is a Core Practice at Game Lounge

Mental Health Day isn’t just a day we celebrate at Game Lounge. Read how the company invests in their employees’ mental well-being all year round.

Mental Health isn’t just one day of acknowledgment. Just like work-life balance isn’t just a now-popular catchphrase. These are strong realities that should be highlighted and weighty measures should be taken to ensure they are being properly addressed, not just personally, but also as a way forward within the modern workforce. 

“Mental Health is a universal human right”. This is this year’s theme for World Mental Health Day. At Game Lounge, we have been incorporating Mental Health as a core ethos of how we operate for years now, as we continue to invest in expanding this across how we operate and what we offer to our employees. 

How do we do this? First of all, we have a flexible and hybrid working model, which gives our employees the choice of working remotely or in our equipped offices. This gives our employees the flexibility they need, as well as choosing their preferred environment to work, whilst giving them space to socialize and integrate through our vibrant office and numerous yearly events. Secondly, we also integrate a more task-oriented approach. This means we don’t micromanage our employees with strict operational methods and time frames, but employees are encouraged to take more control of how they work, whilst still being accountable for their assignment tasks. 

In 2022, we have introduced Mental Health Days, where our employees can make use of these days throughout the year to take a step back and prioritize their mental well-being. 

This year, we partnered with Siffi to offer Mental Health support to our esteemed Game Loungers, understanding how each and every single individual has their own personal stories, struggles, and challenges. The platform gives access to personal therapy sessions and numerous tools such as meditation tools and life coaching.

It has also now become a standard practice for Game Lounge to organize an annual event-packed Wellness Week, this year with the name ‘Be Yourself’. Held in the first week of October, this year’s highlight was the talented Chucky Bartolo. Chucky is a writer, comedian, and narrator of the popular TV series ‘Love Island Malta’. He’s also Tolqueen – the vibrant drag persona that gives them the space to explore another part of themselves. Chucky gave our employees a hearty speech about the importance of being real and accepting of all the different parts that make us who we are – even the most aspects that we deem shameful and nerve-racking.

We are Humans, not heroes. Finally, we would like to highlight the importance of acknowledging and seeking help when things are rough and tough – towards better mental well-being.