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Rogers Sports & Media and Game Lounge Partner to Reimagine Responsible Gaming Experiences in Canada

RSM and Game Lounge strive to forge a constructive and enduring path for the iGaming sector in Canada, commencing with Ontario's regulated market. Their primary focus is to promote responsible gambling behaviors and equip players with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Rogers Sports & Media (RSM), a leading Canadian sports and media company, and Game Lounge, an innovative iGaming Affiliate, announced a groundbreaking partnership to reshape the content communicated on the iGaming landscape in Canada with a focus on responsible and informative resources.

This collaboration marks a significant step for both companies, bringing together RSM’s extensive reach and expertise in the Canadian market with Game Lounge’s commitment to responsible and accessible online casino content. Under the leadership of our Canadian-Maltese Head of North America, Taylor Mason,  who has overseen the Canadian & US market for the past four years, and Kayleigh Cassar, the dedicated and thorough content writer, the partnership will strive to:

Educate and empower Canadians: Provide informative and engaging content that educates players about safe gambling practices, responsible gaming resources, and potential risks.

Champion responsible gaming: Advocate for responsible gambling practices within the industry and work collaboratively with stakeholders to establish best practices.

Deliver a comprehensive experience: Offer a diverse range of gaming content alongside informative resources, promoting a balanced and responsible environment.

Through this partnership, RSM and Game Lounge aim to create a positive and sustainable continued future for the iGaming industry in Canada, prioritizing responsible gambling practices and empowering players to make informed choices. 

“As one of our priority markets,” says Richard Dennys, CEO of Game Lounge, “we’re thrilled to grow within the Canadian space and pioneer this partnership approach. It allows us to not only share our knowledge of the industry but also work towards recovering the stigma often associated with iGaming. At its core, and with a focus on responsible practices, online gaming can be a fun and entertaining pastime.”

Game Lounge’s Partnerships Division: Leading the Way in Responsible Growth

This partnership is further bolstered by the expertise of Game Lounge’s Partnerships Division, spearheaded by Marie-Aurelie Rigodin. This department actively cultivates value-added media partnerships and sponsorships, mirroring the trend initiated by affiliates within regulated markets. Their focus centers on maximizing traffic generation and conversion opportunities for partnered brands, ultimately striving to establish Game Lounge as the leading affiliate in the industry through innovative initiatives.

Rogers Sports & Media is a leading content creator and distributor in Canada. The company owns and operates a diverse array of media assets and we’ve identified the ideal fit for this platform while adjusting our tone and approach to fit the market and its demands.

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