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Game Lounge launches newly branded Swag Pack

Game Lounge releases the new onboarding Swag Pack following the rebrand in Q4 of Year 2022.

As part of our rebranding, we have just released our Swag Pack, which is sent out to all employees and consultants working hybrid or fully remote. This pack also serves as a welcome pack for newcomers to Game Lounge.

Here at Game Lounge, we strive to make onboarding as easy and fun as possible, and this Swag Pack will surely help. We believe that employee onboarding plays a critical role in making career transitions smoother where new hires need to adapt to the culture, values, skills, and knowledge needed to perform well in their new role and in the company.

Providing employees with the tools they need to perform well, as well as great benefits, freedom to work, a friendly atmosphere, a variety of fun events, and much more plays an important part in our organisation’s Employee Value Proposition. 

As much as creating a great onboarding experience is important, we also believe in the importance of retaining our employees, and making sure their experience is just as great throughout their journey at Game Lounge. 

One of our values is community-focused, where people are at the heart of everything we do.

We live this value by….

– By putting people first whether that be at work or in their personal life 

– Offering a clear career development path with access to free training tools, courses, and workshops 

– Providing our employees with various well-being allowances and remote work support

– Organising frequent in-person and virtual events

What’s more..

At Game Lounge we love to treat our employees with cool stuff not only during employment and onboarding but also during events. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the upcoming Sports Day event and our most-awaited Company trip!