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Keith Cassar promoted to Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Marketzoo and Game Lounge have a new Chief Data and Analytics Officer! We speak with Keith Cassar about this new role and his vision with data.

Keith Cassar recently became Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) at Marketzoo and its subsidiary Game Lounge, marking a significant career milestone for him. 

In his role as Head of Data at Game Lounge, Keith has demonstrated expertise in running the data department, managing data architecture, executing governance protocols, and other vital responsibilities.

As CDAO, Keith will be developing and implementing data strategies to improve operations and achieve growth objectives. Aside from overseeing data management and governance, he will also be using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to extract insights. But it doesn’t stop there. 

As part of his role, Keith will lead a team of data engineers, data scientists, and data translators. This A-team aims to foster a data-driven culture within the organisation and promote employee data literacy. 

Keith describes the data department as:

“Thriving on teamwork, with each member interlocking like cogs in a wheel. They emulate a flawless SQL query, by SELECTING, JOINING, and GROUPING together, generating insights and propelling data-driven success through collaboration and innovation”.

The Way Forward

A passionate advocate for data democratisation and visualisations, Keith believes all employees should have access to data and insights, regardless of their role or seniority. 

A healthy data culture is built through asking questions, sharing insights, and cultivating a data-driven mindset. This requires investments in technology and tools, data literacy coaching, and employee support and training.

By democratizing data, Keith aims to improve company agility, product development, customer satisfaction, and improve marketing. This will enable him to support both companies’ growth objectives and deliver value to customers.