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Game Lounge Rolls Out 4-Day Summer Work Week

Game Lounge launches 4-day work weeks this July and August to boost employee well-being and work-life balance.

Game Lounge is boosting employee well-being and work-life balance by giving everyone Fridays off in July and August!

Leading affiliate Game Lounge is stepping up for its team with a new 4-day work week at full pay for July and August! This exciting trial is all about boosting employee well-being and work-life balance. Studies show shorter work weeks reduce stress, improve health, and create more time for family and leisure. Game Lounge is proud to lead the way in keeping its employees energised and thriving. 

How will it work? Game Lounge employees will power through Monday to Thursday, tackling projects and tasks with laser focus. Then, it’s three-day weekends all summer long! It’s all about maximising productivity and enjoying more time for fun and relaxation. 

Speaking on this initiative, Rosi Bremec, Chief Operations Officer, said: “We’re excited to introduce a four-day work week this summer to enhance our team’s well-being and work-life balance. At Game Lounge, we believe a happy, healthy workforce drives productivity and innovation. This initiative shows our commitment to a flexible and supportive work environment. We’re confident our team will excel with this new approach.”

In September, Game Lounge will evaluate the success of the 4-day work week.  For now, the focus is on providing Game Loungers with some well-deserved time off while still delivering best-in-class service and upholding commitments to all customers and partners.

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