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About our team

We are a group of passionate
creators, who are in love with
every aspect of video production.

We are the video gurus at Game Lounge, and we push for the very best video content across all our sites. We keep ourselves updated and trained on the newest technology to produce optimal end results. Keeping it real with present and upcoming digital trends, our video content is also relevant to each site and the market we’re working on – and that is a total of 33 different markets – including  Brazil, Argentina, the US, Finland, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, Japan, and New Zealand – and, we’re globally expanding our roots further.

Apart from using the best HD technology that runs smoothly on all devices, we also give weight to the creative side of our film-making. We use humour, plot twists, and vibrant presenters to engage our audience. Our video team are now experts at creating a unique mix of knowledge of the gaming industry in general, merged and translated to the specifics of each market.

Featured Jobs

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    “One of the crucial aspects for me is to create an environment for my team to be able to collaborate together in their creative process. We are constantly brainstorming and putting new ideas to the table, and that makes us finally feel proud of each and every video we create.”
    Eduardo Eznarriaga,
    Head of Video


Our team is responsible for artistically tackling tasks in all aspects of video production, be it individually or collaboratively. Most of our hours are dedicated, but not limited to: in-depth content research, creative scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, and video editing. In a nutshell, our day-to-day tasks allow us to strengthen and focus on our content’s visual strategy. Adobe suite tools and DaVinci Resolve enable us to put our content together and make it come to life for everyone to enjoy. We strongly believe in providing content based upon our user preferences, legitimate facts, and resourceful and honest information. Our videos’ motto is “Play responsibly” and this is something we strongly believe in and continuously preach to our audiences.

SEO makes your content discoverable, video makes it unforgettable.”

James Caselli,
Video Producer


Our animators are some of the most creative, artistic, and dedicated individuals out there. They always provide the team with top-notch 2D and 3D modeling for our videos and other internal company projects. Using tools such as Fusion, Cartoon Animator and Cinema 4d allows them to produce animations that are loved and enjoyed by all of our viewers. Well-crafted animation is the way forward, and we surely are capable of providing that to our users.

Our Studio

The studio is where most of the magic happens. This is where you will normally find our team working and hanging out while at the office. We are fully equipped with some of the best filming equipment in the market. Besides the usual content we film for our websites and channels, we also snap pictures of employees in the most fun ways possible, do product photographs, and at times shoot our own stock footage.

“Working in a video studio and producing videos for different markets can be a stimulating and challenging job, requiring you to be adaptable and creative in order to cater to different languages and cultures.”

Adam Varga,
Director of Photography