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Chief Executive Officer

Jonas’ vast experience in iGaming goes up to more than 15 years and was crucial to build the very solid foundations of Game Lounge. Since 2011, GL boasts a huge affiliate network with different online, trusted casinos – expanding to 130+ websites in 33+ markets across the globe.

‘Take Ownership of Your Work’ is a basic ethos that Jonas has adopted, and continues to carry across the growing team of employees at Game Lounge. Through a positive trust culture, Jonas has redefined the modern workforce as holistic, that moves towards the worker’s physical and mental well-being, as well as personal improvement.

Over 200 talented and creative individuals work today at Game Lounge – and the team keeps on growing. Game Lounge is a colourful batch of motivated individuals from all walks of life. From creative content creators to SEO-gurus, to data-driven experts, to top designers, to video creators and app-creation masters, the holistic team set-ups do allow for constant learning and development, as well as creating the right structure for effective communication between the different company’s departments. 

Jonas’ Vision for Game Lounge is to become the global leader to connect the different iGaming brands through core values such as reliability, innovation and an ‘open mind’ attitude.

“If you have the will to win, you will win.” 

Jonas Cederholm,

Chief Operations Officer  

Kevin kicked off his journey at Game Lounge as CFO within the Finance department. Eventually, he nurtured a passion for digital marketing and leadership, which quickly drew him to the operational side of the business. From then onwards, he has doubled  Game Lounge’s portfolio of assets. He also improved the financial end results by optimizing the overall workflow and operational efficiency.

Kevin both understands and appreciates that at the core of the company’s success lie the Game Lounge employees. For this reason, he favours a People-Oriented Leadership style. In the last few years, he has focused on empowering employees, implementing effective communication strategies, and encouraging teamwork.

Kevin is also the Managing Director of Game Lounge Limited, the Maltese operational hub of the Group.

“I believe in setting smart goals and then giving employees the flexibility and resources to work their magic.”

Kevin Ciantar,

Chief Financial Officer

Niki joined Game Lounge in 2019, acting as the Chief Financial Officer of the company. At the time, Game Lounge’s finance team only consisted of three employees. During his tenure, the team has grown to nine employees who are now responsible for the financial operations for a total of ten companies located in five different jurisdictions.

Niki’s main responsibility is the preparation of the Group’s financial budgets and the reporting of the monthly results to the various stakeholders.

Niki also serves on the Board of Directors of Game Lounge Limited within the Maltese operational hub, where he also oversees the HR and the Administration department.

“Behind a company’s success, there is always a team of people willing to work and collaborate together towards achieving the same goals.” 

Nicholas Zahra,

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Keith Cassar, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, possesses extensive expertise in data governance, business intelligence, data engineering, and AI innovation. Since joining Game Lounge as Head of Data in September 2020, he has established a proficient data team catering to both Game Lounge and Marketzoo Group’s needs. 

Keith has pioneered numerous innovative solutions, empowering organisations to harness their data’s full potential. With a strong commitment to staying at the forefront of data and analytics, he utilises his skills to help organisations achieve their goals and optimise ROI through data-driven strategies. 

As a dependable contributor to the companies he serves, Keith has held various data roles at King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, before joining Game Lounge. He excels at leading data teams and delivering innovative solutions that drive organisational success.

“While intuition and common sense have their place in decision making, it’s essential to balance them with a data-driven approach. By relying on facts and data, we can validate our intuition and make more informed decisions that lead to success.”

Keith Cassar,