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About our team

At Game Lounge, we’re not just a sales team; we’re a family dedicated to providing comparison sites with the most innovative and top-tier gambling operators across Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and New Zealand. Whether it’s casino or sports exposure, we’ve got you covered.

Comprising ten passionate individuals, our Sales Team brings over 70 years of combined experience from the iGaming industry.

We’re all very keen on chatting with our partners – both new and existing – on a daily basis. Building strong partnerships is our priority, and we strive to always be online, responsive, and maintain a professional tone.

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    By embracing fairness and trustworthiness, we create a positive and empowering environment that attracts top talent, fosters strong relationships, and ultimately drives the success and growth of the entire organization.
    Fredrik Langeland
    Fredrik Langeland
    Co-founder & Vice President of Sales

A Team of Experts

Our primary focus is customer satisfaction. We assist our partners in expanding their audience through our network of optimized SEO websites. Building strong relationships requires a deep understanding of our partners’ goals and a strategic plan to achieve them. We collaborate to provide support, valuable feedback, and proactive solutions.

Philip Gustafsson,
Sales Director

Dedicated to Success

Welcome to Game Lounge! Our primary goal is to exceed customer expectations. We empower our partners through a network of SEO-optimized websites, strategically tailored to unlock their full potential. Our strong team spirit creates an environment that feels like a close-knit family, where everyone is valued and appreciated.

Charlene Andersson,
Sales Manager

Team of Veterans

With over 70 years of combined experience in iGaming and online casino marketing, we understand its complexities like no other. Our in-depth knowledge of market trends and player behavior enables us to craft effective marketing strategies. Our unwavering dedication to our clients sets us apart, as we tailor our approach to your unique needs.

Martijn Bl├╝emink,
Sales Manager

Long-Lasting Partnerships

Game Lounge is a true veteran in the iGaming business, boasting over a decade of experience. We’ve fostered enduring partnerships built on trust, common interests, and transparency. Our adaptability, even in challenging times, sets us apart. We prioritize our partners’ needs, ensuring they always receive the utmost value and support.

Tomas Jira,
Head of Affiliates US

Work at Game Lounge is not just a job; it’s a passion-driven journey. We are a team of like-minded individuals who share the same love for gaming creating an inspiring environment for one another.

“As a member of the Sales team at Game Lounge, I can confidently say that it’s more than just a company. The warm and inclusive atmosphere here is unlike any other, making Game Lounge truly the best vibe and family-oriented company.”

Olha Slyusarenko,
Sales & Commercial Marketing Manager