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About our team

Our Product Team is on a lifelong mission to make magic happen on each and every product we have contact with πŸš€

We’re a small, collaborative, and cross-functional team, having each team member working together to create excellent digital products and experiences as a common goal. We rely on the combined skill of every team member, and this way, we promote efficiency and productivity throughout the whole company. 

Our products are our passion. We look at ourselves as servant leaders – we constantly try to be the glue that unites various verticals of a product under a single vision and roadmap. Our goal is simple. We want to provide delightful, valuable & loveable products to our users by offering them a straightforward, honest experience with the aim of allowing them to discover relevant answers to their questions and needs.

Featured Jobs

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    Delivering high-quality affiliate sites is what we do. Delicately weighing business requirements and user needs are at the forefront of our backlog, managing expectations throughout all our verticals.
    Michele Schembri,
    Director of Product Operations

We observe and pivot 

We understand the importance of gaining valuable insights into our customers, market trends, and industry developments. These insights allow us to make informed decisions, improve our products and services, and stay ahead of the competition. However, as we strive to gain these priceless insights, we also have to navigate the chaos that can come with running so many verticals, and we love it.

We understand that to persevere in an ever-changing landscape, you must be organised, both within our own team, but also with other teams within Game Lounge. And for this reason, we make sure that our priorities, directives, and tasks, are always clear throughout our whole team.

From managing multiple projects and deadlines to dealing with unexpected challenges and obstacles, it can be a delicate balance to maintain. But ultimately, we believe that these two seemingly opposing forces can go hand in hand on the grand scale of things. By embracing the uncertainties that come with running new products and using them to our advantage, we can not only survive but thrive in an ever-changing affiliate marketing landscape.

β€œIn any product there is always so much untapped potential that great Product Managers can work towards to help unlock. There are always opportunities to shape the future, and correct the past.”

Luana Farrugia,
Product Manager

We strive to achieve

As humans, we are known for our innate curiosity and desire to learn and explore new things. We are always searching for answers and solutions to the problems we encounter. And this trait is particularly true of us as Product. We are a very curious species, constantly on the lookout for new ideas, technologies, and trends that can help improve our products and services.

We are not afraid to try new things, even if they may seem risky or uncertain. We understand that innovation often comes from taking risks and trying new things. We embrace challenges and see them as opportunities to learn and grow. We don’t shy away from any challenge, instead, we meet them head-on and use our curiosity to find the best solutions.

We are always eager to learn and grow as individuals and as a team. And that’s what makes us a strong and successful team of Product advocates.

We reconcile, everyday

As members of a product team, we are often asked what our daily activities are like, and the truth is, there is no ‘one’ typical day for us. We wear many hats and our responsibilities are constantly changing based on the company’s needs and the product.

If we were to compare our role to something else, it would be akin to bees in nature. Just like bees, we are always on the move, flying around and connecting with different teams and stakeholders, gathering information, and learning about the market and our customers.

We analyse the data and use it to make informed decisions on our products. We are constantly adapting and adjusting to new situations and challenges. In short, the reason why people ask us what we do all day is simply because there is no ‘typical’ day for someone nurturing a Product, and that’s what makes it so exciting and challenging.

β€œAs product owners, we strive to build a product that people find truly useful. Communicating with stakeholders and building a high level roadmap outlines the vision and direction for our products.”

Aidan Tanti,
Site and Product Manager