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About our team

The Legal team takes responsibility for Game Lounge Group and its subsidiaries by providing support in the drafting and negotiating of contracts, handling claims, and managing Corporate matters involving the company group, such as but not restricted to, restructuring (M&A) and legal compliance especially since the company is constantly looking into joining new markets. 

The team is also responsible for the application of licenses and follow-ups of existing ones, and as a result, constantly provides assistance and updates in relation thereto.

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    Maria De Martino,
    Head of Legal

The dynamic changes within this industry provide great exposure to different markets which is attractive in the industry these days. The legal team is therefore on the constant lookout for any new developments which can have an impact on the company.  The process also entails collaboration with external lawyers and communication with various authorities.  

Our legal team prioritizes negotiations as key to our legal workforce, and hence,  we are greatly involved in the legal projects the company is or shall be a participant in; as we stand as an integral point of contact for support and advice.