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About our team

A technical, business-oriented, and customer-focused team who brings character and charisma to the Internal IT group, while ensuring our employees as customers remain our top priority and are able to perform their duties without interruption. We pride and value our employees as they are the core and success of our organisation!

We’re a team of two and we love tech. We both come from different IT backgrounds – each with our own series of different IT experiences and roles in different companies. When translating this to our Game Lounge work, we believe helps us fulfill as well as improve the company’s tech requirements and way-forwards. 

We first tackle any issue brought forward by our workmates with a hello and a how are you. Then, after being greeted with a smile,

we discuss whatever tech issue our colleagues might have, and kickstart the process to solve it.

We’re always there! Although the company takes a flexible-hybrid work-from-home approach, there’s always one of us present at the office. Like this, we always provide efficiency and promptness for our employees when they need us most.

We believe that experience and positive relationships with the rest of the team help us function in a timely mode that strives towards promptness and efficiency.

Featured Jobs

  • "Team success can only be achieved through collaboration, good communication, hard work, persistence and trust."
    Jon Vella
    Head of Corporate IT

Technical Support – Locally & Remote 

We’re not just technical! We strive to provide holistic value to our work at Game Lounge, where our employees are treated with trust, transparency, and efficiency. We provide peace of mind to our employees, through the successful implementation of a flexible-hybrid approach. Game Loungers can feel safe with the system structure we created. This enables as well as sustains the work-life balance culture that our company is well-known for. This is done through a high-tech structure that allows our workers to work from anywhere. 

“We take great pride in enabling, managing and supporting the IT function of a global workforce across all areas of the company”

Robert Tanti,
Internal IT Manager

Onboarding & Offboarding Employees

Our team proactively ensures that a new hire is equipped with all the required hardware and access for all GL employees. Through high-standard tech, we successfully meet the required duties and deadlines of their tasks. 

When it comes to offboarding employees, we make sure that all company hardware is collected. We do facilitate the return of all the equipment – including any hardware and office equipment. We also ensure that all the data within the hardware is wiped clean and that there’s no residing company information.

Access To Systems

We ensure that GL employees get all the necessary access to all necessary tools that might facilitate and/or improve their day-to-day workflow. 

We do this by following an audited approval process, where tickets are raised and access granted upon business and budget justification.

Office Network

Our focus is to keep a flexible yet efficient office network through the use of the best technology available.  Our latest project was a total revamp of Malta’s physical office – this was done in close collaboration with Game Lounge’s Vibe Team.

Meeting Rooms & Conferences

Since our hybrid work approach, we have elevated our meeting and conference rooms into state-of-the-art facilities. This enables our meetings to be efficient and interactional, even in a hybrid setting. Our employees can book these rooms through a dedicated calendar.


Being abreast of all current technologies is essential for business growth and efficiency, while still abiding by Business critical functions and decisions. We strive towards standardisation, security, and efficient improvisation for any issues. We also adopt an ‘improve or change’ attitude, so we’re always relevant to the fast-changing times.

Our mission is to continue ensuring business efficiency and keep on providing a stellar autonomous user working experience for our employees.