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Our Development

About our team

We build industry-leading,
search engine-optimised, and
innovative products.

We organise ourselves in two agile development teams to keep our clarity of purpose on the projects we’re working on. Each team is made up of passionate software developers, QA engineers, and DevOps who work together to ensure that every release runs as smoothly as possible. Naturally, we collaborate closely with our Product and Creative teams to keep our technical goals aligned with our customers’ needs and company strategy.

We believe in using the right tool for the job and our tech stack reflects that. Our Casino Team focuses on SEO and page speed optimisation with custom WordPress themes and plugins. On the other hand, the Slot Tracker Team works with Angular, TypeScript, and React Native to power their slot game tracking platform.

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    When every team member has a good understanding of the product, they will naturally bring in their own ideas and strive for betterness.
    Gerrit Gruesgen
    Head of Development
Team Page_Development_Software Development

Software Development 

Our software engineers have vast experience working with the latest technologies on the most challenging and innovative projects in the iGaming market. Every engineer enriches the team with a distinct skill set and contributes their own strengths that allow us to create our great products.

We keep our teams small and focused, to avoid overhead and complicated procedures. In the agile approach we take, our developers are largely self-organising and free to decide how their work should be performed. While we’re in direct communication with our product owner, it’s essential that team members have a good understanding of our products so they can involve themselves and focus on improving it as a whole.

“The best code is no code at all.”

Stefan Sjonnebring,
Development Manager
Team Page_Development_DevOps


At Game Lounge, DevOps is key to delivering products and services with high velocity, at scale, and with best-in-class performance. Our DevOps engineers work across the entire software development lifecycle. When working with such a large amount of websites, services, and other products, automation is key to success. Powered by Terraform and AWS, our entire infrastructure is built to be highly scalable, automated, and robust.

“Do it once, twice, automate.”

Christopher Stephenson,
DevOps Engineer
Team Page_Development_QA


To ensure we’re delivering only high-quality software, our QA engineers test every piece of code before it’s released. Using tools like TestRail, the QA team performs manual tests to catch bugs early and support our developers by providing early feedback to new features. However, the most efficient way to test our wide array of websites and ensure sufficient test coverage is to automate it. As part of our CI/CD pipelines we use WebdriverIO to quickly perform integration tests. This hybrid approach of manual and automated testing procedures gives us the best of both worlds: great test coverage through automation and complex manual test cases.

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” 

Filip Stoica,
QA Manager