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Our DesignOps

About our team

We are driven by creativity,
curiosity and a passion for
challenging the status quo.

We’re the creative tribe at Game Lounge. UX/UI, Creative and Video teams who are united by a common mission: to create work we’re proud to feature in our portfolios – the kind of work that wins awards. This is what brings us together, develops our skills, and reaches our ambitious business goals. We work as a team to strike a balance between creating something fresh and scalable.

This means that we approach every new project with an open mind and the understanding that we might feel uncomfortable on the way to creating something great. That is, afterall, why we each have our own unique, complementary skills. Outside our own team, we help other Game Loungers embrace brand guidelines, hold workshops, and are always up to chat about everything we do.

Featured Jobs

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    Working with various teams to create game-changing moves is what gets me out of bed everyday. It’s priceless to me to provide solutions that thrill and make a major impact on our brands.
    Jason Attard
    Head of UX & Design
Team Page_Creative_UI-UX


The term ‘design’ encompasses both everything and nothing. While what we do cannot be boxed in, as far as day-to-day tasks go – we focus on visual strategy, user interface design, and user experience. Tools like Figma, FigJam, and ProtoPie streamline our process so we can focus on bringing our ideas to life together with the team. Once we’ve created a website or product that’s ready to be seen by potential users, tools like Useberry streamline our UX research process which allows for faster, user-based interactions. Everything we create is a visual representation of our users, facts and data, which we own, defend, and live by. It’s the only way to achieve boundless innovation and success.

“Working on new and innovative projects has given me the opportunity to explore new processes, tools & methodologies allowing me to focus on both individual growth and reaching great milestones in my career.”

Marcus Urpani,
UXUI Team Lead
Team Page_Creative_Creative


We take ideas and brands to new heights by combining creativity, innovation and tech. Using tools from the Adobe suite, we dabble with new creatives, give out workshops, and explore our next big idea on a daily basis. We believe that our projects have a greater impact when they’re well-crafted and absorbed visually by our users. It’s our mission to make this standard at Game Lounge.

“At Game Lounge, our creative team inspires and pushes each other to achieve greater heights, recognising that design has the power to shape culture.

By merging our distinct skill sets in our daily tasks, we generate original and cutting-edge creatives that cater to a global audience. Ultimately, our values drive our work, and we aim to shape a better future through our innovative designs!”

Philippa Cutajar,
Creative Team Lead
Team Page_Creative_Video


We’re a group of talented creators in love with every aspect of video production, even the algorithm! Every week we work to discover new and inventive ways to bring in new users to each of our sites in over 33 markets – from Brazil, Sweden, Japan, the UK, and beyond. Our videos strive to bring you everything in one – humour, plot twists, HD imagery, and more. Creativity flows through teams’ veins which leads to producing the best content that combines a unique mix of cultures, connections, and knowledge available in the industry.

“One of the most important things for me is to be able to make the team work together creatively. Brainstorming of ideas and constant collaboration let us all be proud of each one of our videos.”

Eduardo Eznarriaga,
Head of Video