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About our team

In the Data Team, we organize the data and transform it into datasets, to be then used by our different teams and departments. This information helps them analyze and provide further insight into their work.

We also keep our back office database constantly in check – by updating it and keeping it accurate, What this means? It makes our reports concise and the data presented relevant to the constant improvement of our company.

This makes Game Lounge a highly data-driven company, where our Data Team keeps a constant lookout for how the company is performing and what are the key factors that are working, and others that can be improved. 

Our team consists of a number of sub-teams – each specialising in a specific area of the data pipeline. With a  range of professional developers, data engineers, BI developers, analysts, and product owners, the team delivers end-to-end solutions.

The tech stack used is based on the Google Cloud Platform and we make the best use of the products provided there. We as a team adopt a technologically agnostic approach, and when we find solutions, we follow the best practice, so the output can be replicated, performant and scalable.

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    Great things are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

    Keith Cassar,
    Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Data Engineering

Game Lounge’s data team is responsible for producing high-quality data products for several stakeholders and departments within the company. We strive for completely automated, scalable, and performant solutions. Looker, the BI reporting platform of choice, also allows non-technical individuals to self-serve their queries. When it comes to the ongoing digital transformation that the corporate sector constantly goes through, we believe that accurate and meaningful data is vital to keep the company always relevant and updated with the everchanging digital trends.

“If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.”

Robert Cassar Pace,
Data Engineer

Product Ownership

As a Senior Product Owner at Game Lounge, I keep a close eye on the data metrics we collect. Through this process, I can confidently suggest new solutions to increase the product’s business value. This is done by constantly building and maintaining features based on both the company’s needs and the departments’ feedback, whilst also prioritising great customer experience.

“Be stubborn on vision but flexible on details”

Ian Wright,
Senior Product Owner

Data Analytics

You can’t improve what you can’t measure!

We measure everything at Game Lounge, and this is possible thanks to the Data team. This very unique team consists of professional developers, data engineers, and analysts.

As a Data Analyst, together with the other data team members, we make sure that the relevant data is being collected from the various data sources and organised in usable formats. We then interpret this data and turn it into useful information and meaningful insights that can be used for critical decision-making.

Our ultimate aim is to provide our stakeholders with analysis reports, enabling them to take

important decisions based on various facts and trends.

“The Data team is crucial to the success of every organisation, and this also applies to GameLounge!“

Eartha Joan Saliba,
Data Analyst

Data Operations

We are responsible for managing our Game Lounge central database and ensuring that our system supports our business functions across all company verticals. By implementing effective processes and strategies, we guarantee that the performance, consistency, and data accuracy of all our l DB-related activities are always of the highest standard. 

“Success of our team is not measured by profits alone but by contributions to all stakeholders.”

Victoria Sansome,
Database Operations Manager