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About our team

Content is at the core of our Game Lounge brands. It’s how we attract leads, direct them to our partners’ brands, and keep them coming back.

We come from all walks of life – literally. Our Content Team is an array of writers with different life and work experiences; each giving their own distinctive contribution to the many brands under Game Lounge. 

A main key focus in our Content Team is to keep a constant sense of motivation – inspiring our content writers to be the best they can be in their workplace.

We encourage positive and inclusive management, where our content writers are contributive to new ideas for the company, as well as exposed to constant learning.  

With trust comes responsibility. Through an intrinsic motivation approach, our company adopts a high trust culture that goes both ways and serves well both the company and our employees.

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  • "Individually we do good things, but together we do GREAT things that no one else can do!"
    Maria Sayapina
    Director of Casino
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Relevance is key to our work, and being in the loop on what’s happening in the iGaming world helps us achieve that. Our content writers are always updated with any Casino-related news – which they then implement in their writing process. 


Updating our content is also a  crucial factor that keeps our content consistent with the fast-changing digital times. That is why all of our content writers are highly SEO-trained by our SEO experts. Our writers are all verbal with an array of Keyword Research Tools which they use for their own writing. This helps our Content to reach an optimum organic presence in our respective markets.

Growth in Learning

Finally, the idea of changing and growing is at the core of what we do, and we use that as a driving force for all the content we create.

“To grow, to change and to adapt is at the core of all that was, is and will be. Writing is no exception.”

Lara Calleja,
Content Writer North America

Content Operations

The Content Operations Managers lead and develop the operational processes around content management for all sites. By adjusting processes and making them scalable we can ensure better navigation and consistency across the teams.

 When it comes to guiding the teams’ forecasting, we can discover if there is a possibility for automation and localization, which would create speed and content reusability. 

With the right content operations processes and tools in place, some of the benefits are high-quality content that meets the needs of the customer, more value for the brand and consistency, and overall a happier content team.  

Content Management

Content makes the biggest team within the company but still provides every member with plenty of opportunities to express themselves and bring in new and fresh ideas. While coordinating work with the Site, Design and Video teams, we often end up transforming meetings into brainstorming routines. 

Knowledge and creativity need to go hand in hand in order to perform and reach our targets. The Content Managers make sure there’s a plan and a strategy in place for it. 

The ultimate goal, eventually, is not only to go over and beyond expectations, but to continue to grow as a team and leave space for improvements at all times!

“Nothing to prove. Everything to improve.”

Sara Caceffo,
Content Manager Southern Europe

Content Writing

Our passionate team of content writers works with all website-focused online casino content – working every day to understand our audiences and to ensure consistent content delivery to meet these needs.

The teams of content writers help with the discovery, expansion, and optimization of market-specific queries, using advanced SEO strategies to deliver original content in line with market trends and regulations. Under the support of their superiors, they generate best in class content to maintain and increase our website traffic.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

Anacaona Florentino,
Content Manager LATAM 1