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About our team

We are experts at understanding and anticipating our user’s needs to more effectively manage the development processes.

Remaining proactive, exploring fresh concepts, validating our vision, and perpetually enhancing our products are integral aspects of our daily focus. Despite diverse backgrounds and cultures, a shared vision and mission unify us, creating an environment conducive to continual learning and growth.

Featured Jobs

  • "Individually we do good things, but together we do GREAT things that no one else can do!"
    Maria Sayapina
    Director of Casino

A Dedicated Team Structure 

Within each team in our casino department, we have specialised roles: 

  • Content Managers with dedicated Content Writers focused on enhancing product experiences. 
  • Site Managers oversee the day-to-day operations and optimize user experiences. 

Access to Essential Resources

Our Casino Team benefits from an array of essential resources: 

  • Design: Creative resources to elevate visual experiences. 
  • Product Development: Dedicated specialists to drive innovation and features. 
  • SEO: Experts ensuring search engine visibility and optimal content discoverability.
  • Video: Ensuring engaging multimedia experiences for our users.
  • Developers: Working on creating and enhancing the technological backbone of our platforms.

Managed by Heads of Teams 

Each team within our casino department is efficiently managed by the respective Head of the Team. They oversee the team’s operations, facilitate collaboration, and ensure the execution of strategies to achieve our common goals.

“Attention to detail is the key to success in every aspect of life”

Natalia Szyszka,
Acting Head of Poland

Serving as the Central Liaison

As Heads of the Team within the Casino Department, we serve as the primary connection point. Collaborating closely with Content, Design, Product Development, SEO, and Sales teams, we foster a culture of continuous improvement and brainstorm new ideas. Our involvement in diverse projects fuels creativity and excitement in our roles. 

“Think outside of the SERP”

Jose Gomes,
Site Manager Central Europe

Monitoring the iGaming Landscape 

Staying ahead of emerging trends and innovations is integral to the role of the Head of Team. Extensive research helps us gather comprehensive information about new technologies and concepts for implementation on our sites.

Given the constant evolution in the iGaming sector, our dynamic changes to the sites keep us ahead of competitors and ensure heightened customer engagement.