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Nov 09, 2017

Game Lounge acquires loan site to expand affiliate business

Game Lounge Ltd. is proud to announce an acquisition of the loan comparison website as a part of the business expansion strategy. The company's successful performance in the iGaming affiliate sector resulted in the decision to expand the business model to the new market segments. 

“We have had our sights set on the loans sector for some time and see considerable opportunities to use our existing operations and unique knowledge of online marketing in another sector, characterized by broad areas of contact with a large number of customers and consumers. It feels natural to take the step into new sectors where companies or services can be compared. It doesn’t matter if this involves gaming companies or banks – the products are almost identical. The acquisition of the site from Malta-based Tumes Media Limited will be the starting point for a new area with substantial potential. I see establishing Game Lounge in additional markets as a positive step, and we look forward to using our tools to expand further in new operations,” says Jonas Cederholm, Managing Director of Game Lounge.

Game Lounge has acquired the loan website approximately for €175,000. The new website will be the starting point of Game Lounge Ltd. new business segment “Loans” with a big potential for future development across different markets. 

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