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Game Lounge was the first European affiliate company to professionally enter the Japanese market in 2016. What makes our Japanese team so special is the fact that it’s made up of highly qualified Japanese marketers, designers and content writers, all of whom have extensive experience in the online casino industry. We are now one of the strongest iGaming affiliates in the Japanese market and continue to strive towards greater heights by tailoring our design and content to a Japanese audience.


Online Media Marketing Service

Casino Affiliate Site

Japanese is an informative website about online casinos in Japanese. It covers news about online casino, poker and sportsbook.The site features a wide variety of content types and prides itself on providing honest reviews to gain players’ trust.

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Casino Affiliate Site

Casino Twitcha!

We stream online casino games on Twitch. This is a very unique channel which allows us to stream games played by real Japanese players who you can see and talk to live – a very exciting experience indeed! Twitch is not only for online casino slot streaming, but also works well for streaming webinars about live table games and poker. It’s the place to be if you’d like to have some fun and learn!

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Casino Affiliate Site


This site is targeted at a niche audience. We investigate the reliability of casinos if the player requests this, regardless of how legitimate the casino is deemed to be.This is where you can discover new and unique casinos if you are bored with the usual casinos or if you are interested in exploring the most innovative brands on the market!

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Casino Information Site


Casipedia is the site where you can learn about land-based casinos located all over the world as well as online casinos. You can also find IR (integrated resort) news from Japan here as well!

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