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About our team

We are experts at understanding and anticipating our user’s needs to more effectively manage the development processes.

Our deep market knowledge and communication skills allow us to anticipate problems or needs and address them. Always staying on top of things, discussing new ideas, testing our vision, and continuously improving our products are at the forefront of our attention and daily routine.

and continuously improving our products are at the forefront of our attention and daily routine. We come from diverse backgrounds and different cultures, but we all share the same vision and mission, which makes work a great place for learning and constant growth. 

Featured Jobs

  • "Individually we do good things, but together we do GREAT things that no one else can do!"
    Maria Sayapina
    Head of Performance

Take full responsibility for our sites

As site managers at Game Lounge, we keep a close eye on our sites and ensure everything is working as it should. We have great attention to detail, and we are aware that there is no one way to solve problems before they arise, so we track what occurs and we learn from it.

We make sure our sites are always up to speed, offering the best experience possible for our customers. 

We are excellent problem solvers, putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and we continually strive to do better. Our main responsibility is overseeing the day-to-day operations of our affiliate casino sites, coming up with new ideas, and developing new features in order to enhance customer experience.

“Attention to detail is the key to success in every aspect of life”

Natalia Szyszka,
Site Manager (PL, RO, HU)

Act as a main point of contact 

As site managers we act as a main point of contact between the departments internally. We work closely alongside the Content, Design, Video and Sales teams to constantly improve our sites, and brainstorm new ideas. Having a finger in every pie is what we do. Being involved in a large number of projects and activities makes our job very exciting, and leaves a lot of room for creativity. 

“Think outside of the SERP”

Jose Gomes,
Site Manager (NL,DACH)

Monitor the gaming environment 

Staying on top of new trends and innovations is an important part of the site manager role. We spend a lot of time on research, in order to find as much information as possible about new topics and innovations which can later be implemented on our sites. 

The iGaming sector is constantly growing and evolving as new technologies develop. As site managers we are constantly making changes to our sites, which will help us stay on top of the competition, and make sure our customers are engaged.